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The opportunity cost of attending college is____________.
a. the money one spends on college tuition, books, and so forth
b.the highest valued alternative one forfeits to attend college
c. the least valued alternative one forfeits to attend college
d. equal to the salary one will earn when one graduates from college

i say it is b is that correct?

Macroeconomics deals with____________.
a. what is
b. what should be
c. relatively small units in the economy
d. aggregates of the entire economy

I say it is d is that correct?

Economics deals with the actions of______________.
a. individuals only
b. societies only
c. both individuals and societies
d. neither individuals nor societies

I say it is c am I correct?

Choice is fundamentally a consequence of_____________.
a. living in a world where there is both good and bad
b. how wealthy one is
c. scarcity
d. opportunity cost

I say it is D this that corect?

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