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    Target's market structure

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    Please help with the following economic systems problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution.

    I need assistance with a discussion regarding Target's market structure and the impact of new companies entering the market.

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    Target's market structure can be termed as oligopolistic, wherein a small number of firms dominate the whole industry. Target operates in the big box retailing industry, wherein players like Walmart, K-Mart, Sears are some of the firms that dominate the whole industry. Target is one of those major players and operates in this extremely competitive oligopolist market structure.

    Target competes with other major players like Walmart and K-Mart. Each of these three ...

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    The following posting helps with a problem regarding the global economy. This solution discusses Target's market structure and its impact on new companies entering the market. The explanation is given in 288 words.