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    Impact of 9/11 on Segments of the American Economy

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    Assess The Impact of September 11, 2001 on Four Segments of the American Economy. Analyze the effects upon the selected four segments of the American economy as a result of these attacks. One segment must discuss the actions of the Federal Reserve. Select the other three segments

    "segment" is defined as a business or industry that is national in their operation(s). Local or regional businesses and industries are not considered as "segments".

    Be sure you use at least five references from reliable sources unable to use bias material.

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    Impact on various "segments" of American Economy:

    1) Aviation industry: The aviation industry was one of the worst hit industries due to September 11 attacks, primarily due to the fact that incident involved use of aircrafts. the incident not only shook the air travellers in US and all over the world but also raised serious concerns over the security measures used by airline companies. It caused a great deal of sceptism among the general public with respect to using airlines to travel People not only started avoiding travel, but also started using other means of transportation, wherever possible. This led to a significant decline in the revenues of aviation companies and airlines, which were already hit by rising administrative and operational costs and ever increasing fuel prices. The airline companies, which were already on the brink of bankruptcy, suffered massive decline in their share prices on stock exchanges.

    Good source for this segment:
    1) http://www.tq.com.au/industry/incidents/september-11-aviation-impacts.cfm

    2) Tourism Industry:
    There was a significant decline in tourist arrivals in major cities, especially New York City and other cities with high risk of terrorist attacks, leading to multiple ...

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    Impact of 9/11 on Segments of the American Economy