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Market power, price discrimination

Airline flies only one route. Demand for each flight is Q=500-P. Cost of running each flight is $30,000 plus $100 per passenger.

a. What is the profit maxmizing price the airline will charge.
b. How many people will be on each flight.
c. What is the profit for each flight.
d. If fixed cost is $41000 instead of $30,000, will the airline stay in business. Graph the situation (AC curve when FC=$30,000 and AC curve when FC=$41,000)

Assume two different types of people, students(a) and businesspeople(b), fly the airline, such that Qa=260-0.4P and Qb=240-0.6P. If the airline charges different prices,
f. draw the demand curve for each.
g. Find price charged each student.
h. Find price charged others customers.
g. How many students on each light.
h. how many other customers on each flight.

Asume FC is again $30,000
i. What is profit for each flight.
j. Would the airline stay in business.
k. Find consumer surplus for students; for other customers; total consumer surplus.

Before the price discrimination,
l. What was consumer surplus for students; for businesspeople.
m. Why did total consumer surplus decline with price discrimination, even though quantity sold remained the same.

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