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monthly returns for both AAPL and S&P

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Need a bit of help to solve. Please review xls. file and and each question in word doc.

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The variance of S&P returns using the VAR function is clarified in this solution.

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Portfolio Management/Analysis

Based an the attached, provide the following:

o Policy statement
o Economic Analysis
o Sector Analysis
o Selection of industry within sectors
o Selection of investments - buy investments by dating the purchase a year back so that you have more than 6 weeks market data to work with. You are not required to have a profitable portfolio - that is not part of the exercise.
 Addressing risk, diversification, global investing, return expectations
o Selection of index
o Behavior
 What has happened to this investment over the last year in relation to news about it? Also discuss the current status of the 50-day/200-day moving average and what it means.
o Results
 Individual/portfolio expected vs. actual annual returns, index vs. portfolio performance
 Evaluation of portfolio management (at least one method)

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