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    Indifference Curves, Utility Maximizing Conditions, and Demand Curves

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    1. Using Indifference Curve and Budget Line analysis, graphically demonstrate the equilibrium of a consumer who is maximizing utility. Briefly explain.

    2. Using Indifference Curve and Budget Line analysis, graphically demonstrate how you can derive a demand curve. Briefly explain.

    Note: In the above questions, assume a bundle of two goods X and Y. Put X on the horizontal axis and Y on the vertical axis. Explain, using powerpoint to illustrate.

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    Some basics:

    All points on a given Indifference Curve (IDC) give the consumer the same level of satisfaction.

    The higher up we go an IDC map, the higher the utility.

    IDCs ...

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    This solution shows the utility maximizing conditions, both graphically and algebraically. In addition, this solution also has a step by step description of how to derive Marshallian and Hicksian Demand Curves using Indifference curves. It includes a powerpoint file with diagrams and animations explaining how the diagrams are derived.