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Profit Maximizing Equilibrium Output

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A firm produces output at a cost of: C = 50 + 20 X and sells it at a price of P = 220 - 4 X

1. Determine the profit maximizing equilibrium output, price and the total profit under two conditions:
1.1 A firm is a monopolist (15)
1.2 A firm under perfect competition (15)

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You are making the problem much more difficult than it really is. If you're like me, math isn't your thing and calculus wasn't your favorite subject. But once you see how it simplifies problems like these, you will love it.

Marginal cost can be found by taking the differential of the cost ...

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Profit maximization

Given the following Demand & Supply functions:
Qd = 25 – P
Qs = 10 + 2P
a – What is the equilibrium values of P and Q?

Now suppose the demand function changes to:
Qd = 10,000 – 2P

If Total Cost function is:
TC = 5000 + 50Q
b - Find the Profit – maximizing Quantity and Price.
c – Find the firm’s profit.

Given the following Demand and Cost functions for a monopolistically competitive firm:
Qd = 100,000 - 20P
TC = 1,000 + 10Q + .05Q to the power of 2

a. Find the profit maximizing Quantity and Price.
b. Find the Profit.

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