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    approaches to pollution abatement

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    Use economic analysis to evaluate the following statement: The only amount of acceptable pollution is no pollution at all.

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    Zero pollution is not a feasible position. We tend to think of pollution as a modern phenomenon, but whenever people congregate in large numbers, pollution results. It occurred in ancient civilizations just as it does today, although on a much smaller scale. So, we cannot expect any industry to be entirely pollution-free. The earth has many systems that eliminate pollution, and the important thing is not to allow them to become overwhelmed, which will disrupt global cycles (as we are with greenhouse gases) and not to create pollution so quickly that it builds up to harmful levels before the earth can remove it. In addition we must consider that the costs of cleaning the environment are often passed on to consumers through higher prices.

    Therefore economically speaking pollution will continue until the benefits of polluting outweigh the costs. The costs specifically are health consequences of pollution, and the ...