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Regression on Stock Returns

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I need some help with the calculations below:
Estimate a regression of the form given by the below
ri = β0 +β1Si + β2Mβi+ β3PEi+ β4βETAi +Ui
In order to evaluate the effect of various firm -specific factors on the returns of a sample of firms . You run a cross -sectional regression with 200 firms
Where ri= percentage annual return for the stock
Si= is the size of the firm I measured in terms of sales revenue
Mβi= the market to book ratio of the firm
PEi is the price /earnings (P/E) ratio of the firm
ΒETAi is the stock 's CAPM beta coefficient
You obtain the following results (with standard errors in parenthesis)
ri = 0.080 +0.801Si + 0.32Mβi+ 0.164PEi+ 0.084βETAi
(0.064) (0.147) (0.136) (0.420) (0.120)
Calculate the t ratios. What do you conclude about the effect of each variable on the returns of the security? On the basis of your results what variables would you consider deleting from the regression? If a stock's beta increased from 1 to 1.2 what would the expected effect on the stocks return? Is the sign on the beta as you would have expected. Explain your answers in each case.

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The solution explains the computation of t ratios of a multiple regression model and the identification of significant variable from the t ratios with step-by-step calculations.

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