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    calculate the regression

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    Somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, a class of 2,000 students took a course in Astronomy. The first exam scores and the final exam percentage reached earth, but transmission broke off after only a dozen students' scores were received. This is the only information available about that class. That information is in the table below.
    Student Exam 1 Final
    Scorpio 85 76
    Andromeda 80 77
    Pictor 70 72
    Tucana 85 88
    Vulpecula 80 76
    Crux 85 83
    Perseus 40 55
    Orion 75 77
    Cassieopia 80 72
    Ursa 55 73
    Centaurus 70 71
    Hydrus 85 81
    Use these data to answer the following questions
    a. Find the slope and the intercept term for Final = a + b Exam1. Please show work/steps.

    b. Use Excel to calculate the regression. Show numbers as two decimal places even if, 0.00.

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