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trend in productivity

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1. Use the information supplied to completely evaluate the trend in productivity for the company that furnished the information (table shown below).

2. You have been presented with the approximate figures for service jobs in certain countries (as shown on the table below). You have also discovered that overal productivity increases are highest in Japan, Germany and the United States (in that order). What conclusions might you draw about productivity and the precentage of services in the economy?

3. Conteza's, a local bakery, is worried about increased costs - particularly energy. The previous year's records can provice a fairly good estimate of the parameters for this year. Charles Conteza, the owner, does not believe things have changed much, but he did invest an additional $3,000 for modifications to the bakery's ovens to make them more energy efficient. The modifications were supposed to make the ovens at least %15 more efficient. Charles has asked you to check the energy savings of the new ovens and also to look over the measures of the bakery's productivity to see if the modifications were beneficial. He provided you with quarterly data (as shown in the graph below).

4. Why should a service organization worry about being world class if it does not compete outside its national border?

5. A city in the Central part of the country, trying to prevent an outbreak of the Flu, is considering setting up centers to dispense the Flu shot to all its residents. The city is contemplating hiring just one nurse for every center. Assume the nurse can give 60 shots per hour, exponentially distributed. People arrive about 1 every 72 seconds, on the average.
a) What is the average utilization of the nurse?
b) How many people would you expect to find in the system (excluding the nurse)?
c) How long would it take if you just joined the line to get completely through the system?
d) What is the probability that there will be more than 5 people in the system (excluding the nurse)?


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This job evaluates the trend in productivity.

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