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    Solow Model

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    1. Verify that, for the neoclassical production function, the marginal product of capital and the marginalproduct of labor are in fact given by (respectively),

    ∂Y/∂K =f'(K)
    ∂Y/∂L= f(k)- kf'(K)

    (Minimum requirement: a serious attempt at deriving these expressions.)
    the professor gave as a clue to keep in mind this function.

    Y/K= f(K)= f(K/L)

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    Begin with the neoclassical production function:
    (1) Y=f(K,L)
    Where Y is output, K is capital, and L is labor.

    Equation (1) exhibits three notable features. First, the marginal products of K and L are positive. That is, ∂Y/∂K>0 and ∂Y/∂L>0. An increase in K or L increases Y. The second derivatives are less than zero( ∂2Y/∂K2<0 and ∂2Y/∂L2<0)[Note: the 2's ...

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    Solow Model is utilized for neoclassical production. The expressions are derived.