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    Maximizing Total Production Function

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    A certain production process employs two inputs - labor (L) and raw materials (R). Output (Q) is a function of these two inputs and is given by the following relationship:

    Q = 6L2 R2 - .10L3 R3.

    Assume that raw materials (input R) are fixed at 10 units.
    Find the number of units of input L that maximizes the total product function.

    a. 2
    b. 4
    c. 3
    d. 1

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    Q = 6L2 R2 - .10L3 R3, fixing R = 10 we get

    Q = 600L2 - 100L3

    Total production ...

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    This solution shows how to get optimal number of units of labor from a production function when raw materials is fixed. Step-by-step calculations are provided in plain text.