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    cummulative frequency

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    The following chart shows the hourly wages of a sample of certified welders in the Atlanta,Georgia, area.

    a. How many welders were studied?
    b. What is the class interval?
    c. About how many welders earn less than $10.00 per hour?
    d. About 75 percent of the welders make less than what amount?
    e. Ten of the welders studied made less than what amount?
    f. What percent of the welders make less than $20.00 per hour?

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    a. Since the graph shows the cummulative frequency of welders with a given wage, the number of welders studied is simply the frequency of the last class interval (25-30) which, according to the graph, is 40.

    b. The class intervals are the ranges into which data in an histogram is binned. There are ...

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