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    voting mechanisms

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    One popular voting scheme is rank-order voting, where individuals assign a rank (1,2,3) to the possible alternatives; the assigned ranks are then added up and the alternative with the lowest sum wins. Consider a choice among the 4 alternatives (a library, a ski slope, a swimming pool and a garbage dump)

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    Consider a choice among four alternatives (a library, a ski slope, a swimming pool, a garbage dump) by rank-order voting. Construct an example in which the outcome (the most preferred alternative) is say, a library, if the vote is among the first three alternatives, while the outcome is a ski slope if the vote is among all four alternatives?
    Which axiom does this voting scheme violate?

    This situation involves the independence of irrelevant alternatives axiom. This axiom ...

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    How rank order voting can be used to manipulate outcomes are determined.