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"The optimal number of traffic deaths is zero" + 4: Analyze

Using optimization theory, analyze the following quotations:
a. The optimal number of traffic deaths in the United States is zero.
b. Any pollution is too much pollution.
c. We cannot pull U.S. troops out of Iraq. We have committed so much already.
d. If Congress cuts out the NASA space station, we will have wasted all the resources that we have already spent on it. Therefore, we must continue funding it.
e. Since JetGreen Airways has experienced a 25 percent increase in its insurance premiums, the airline should increase the number of the passengers it serves next quarter in order to spread the increase in premiums over a larger number of tickets.

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a) This might be a desirable outcome, but what would be its cost? A foolproof way to reduce traffic deaths to zero would be to ban cars completely, but society would pay a large price in the form of people being unable to work more than walking distance from home, deliveries of goods and services being drastically reduced, and accident or ...

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This solution uses optimization theory to analyze 5 quotations. It gives detailed reasons why all of the opinions expressed in the quotes are wrong.