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Cash Budget for Cyrus Brown Manufacturing

To avoid any uncertainty regarding his business' financing needs at the time when such needs may arise, Cyrus Brown wants to develop a Cash Budget for his latest venture- Cyrus Brown Manufacturing (CBM). He has estimated the following sales forecast for CBM over the next nine months:

March 2004 $250,000

April 275,000

May 320,000

June 450,000

July 575,000

August 700,000

September 825,000

October 350,000

November 285,000

He has also gathered the following collection estimates regarding the forecast sales: Collection within the month of sale, 10%; collection the month following sales, 65%, and collection the second month following sales, 25%. Payments for direct manufacturing costs like raw materials and labor are made during the month that follows the one in which such costs have been incurred. These costs are estimated as follows:

March 2004 $187,500

April 206,250

May 240,000

June 337,500

July 431,250

August 525,000

September 618,750

October 262,500

Administrative salaries will approximately amount to $35,000 a month; lease payments around $15,000 a month; depreciation charges, 15,000 a month; a one-time new plant investment in the amount of $95,000 is expected to be incurred and paid in June; income tax payments estimated to be around $ 55,000 will be due in both June and September; and finally, miscellaneous costs are estimated to be around $10,000 a month. Cash on hand on March 1 will be around $50,000; and a minimum cash balance of $50,000 shall be on hand at all times.

a. Prepare a monthly cash budget for Cyrus Brown Manufacturing for the nine month period, March through November.

b. Prepare an estimate of the required financing needs (or excess funds) for each month during the budget period.

c. Based on your findings in part b, will the company need any outside financing? What is the minimum line of credit that CBM will need?

d. What do you think of CBM's cash position during the budget period? Do you see any concerns for the company in this regard?

e. If you were a bank manager would you want CBM as your client? Why or why not?

I have attached a spreadsheet of the monthly cash budget. I like to know if it is correct. Also What do I do with the depreciation? Add it or subtract it and why?

I need detailed information on questions C, D & E.


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Your calculations are OK. The surplus/deficit you have calculated in row 24 is for each month. The cash balance would actually cumulate. This I have done in row 25. This gives us the cmumulative surplus or deficit. The depreciation line should be removed. Depreciation is a non-cash expense and does not form a part of cash budget.

c. Based on your findings in part b, will the company need any outside financing? What is the minimum line of credit that CBM ...

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