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    Short run marginal costs and supply scenario

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    Tinley Paper, Inc. produces uncoated paper used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Newsprint, a major product, is sold in a perfectly competitive market. The following relation exists between the firm's newsprint output and total production costs:

    Total Output (tons) Total Cost ($)
    0 25
    1 75
    2 135
    3 205
    4 285
    5 375
    6 475
    7 600

    A. Construct a table showing Tinley's marginal cost of newsprint production.

    B. What is the minimum price necessary for Tinley to supply 1 ton of newsprint?

    C. How much newsprint would Tinley supply at industry prices of $75 and $100
    Per ton?

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    A.Construct a table showing Tinley's marginal cost of newsprint production.

    Total Output (tons) Total Cost ($) Marginal Cost ($)
    0 25 -
    1 75 50
    2 ...

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