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Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

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Suppose an oligopolistic firm has the following cost and revenue data.


0 120 0 0 --- ---
10 115 1150 600 60
20 110 2200 40 30 105 3150 900 40 100 4000 1120 50 95 4750 30 60 90 5400 40 70 85 5950 50 8.57 80 80 6400 4800 7.50 90 75 6750 7200 6.67

a. Fill in the blank spaces in the table.
b. What output should the firm produce? Why?
c. What price should the firm charge, and what will be its economic profit?

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Solution Summary

Monopolistic competition and oligopoly summary is provided. The cost and revenue data are determined.

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a. Fill in the blank spaces in the table.
<br>Please refer to the EXCEL file for ...

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