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    Cartel cheating

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    Could you please provide with an example of realistic for the following theme:
    1- Price competition and the prisoners' dilemma
    2- Cartel cheating

    Both examples should quote from internet

    The amount of words is not highly important, brief of the examples and a links guide me to the full examples is sufficient.


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    1. Price competition and prisoner's dilemma

    example OPEC

    Opec has 11 oil producing countries and they set a fixed amount of output collectively to profit maximize. However, there are always some countries who cheat by producing more (as prisoner's dilemma suggested). This is a good article which outlines this issue.


    Cartel Cheating

    example, Auction houses, Christie's and Sotheby's

    There are two large ...

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    The expert examines Cartel cheater. Price competition and the prisoner`s dilemma are determined. Examples of both are provided.