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Break Even & Growth Rate Questions

A company has fixed cost of $200,000. The sales price of its output is $56 per unit. It has variable costs of $31 per unit. The company is going to install new equipment which will cut the fixed costs to $150,000 but which will increase variable costs to $34 per unit. The sales price will remain at $56.

1)Find the break even point in the original situation.
2)Find the break even point after the cost change (round to a whole number).

Show ALL work (all formulas & calculations)

A company produces machinery and equipment used to lift and move equipment. During the last 20 years sales revenues have increased from $2,335,000 to $20,000,000.

1)Find the company's growth rate using the constant growth model with annual compounding.
2)Derive a forecast for seven years in the future.

Show ALL work (all formulas & calculations)


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