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    Expressing the money supply equation

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    Suppose the Fed decides it needs to pursue an expansionary policy. Assume people hold no cash, the reserve requirement is 20%, and there are no excess reserves.

    a. Show how the Fed would increase the money supply by $2M through changing the reserve requirement.

    b. Show how the Fed would increase the money supply by $2M through open market operations

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    a. The simple formula that relates the monetary base (which is what is affected by open market operations) and the reserve requirements to the money supply is the following:

    Money Supply = (1/RR)*(Monetary Base)

    where RR are the reserve requirements (in this case, RR=0.2) and (1/RR) is the "money multiplier". Let's call M to the money supply and B to the monetary base.

    M = (1/RR)*B

    We want to take the money supply to M + 2 (you didn't supply a value for M in your question). Now, M + 2 can be rewritten as:

    M ...

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