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How to calculate the square root

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For example:
a market jwith two firms, one with a 60% market share and a second with a 40% share. The HHI (Herfindahl-Hirschman Index) for the market is 5,200, computed by adding the square of 60 (3,600) to the square of 40 (1,600)

My question? I have forgotten how to do square root! How did they come to the square of 60 and the square of 40?

Thanks for any help in this.

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I hope I understand the question. You want to know how the square of 60 is 3600 and of 40 is 1600. The square of any number is the number multiplied by itsself. The square of 60 is 60 X 60=3600 and ...

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The solution explains how we can calculate the square root of any number

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