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    Calculating the optimal price and markup

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    You are the manager of a monopoly that sells a product to two groups of consumers in different parts of the country. Group 1's elasticity of demand is -2, while group 2's is -3. Your marginal cost of producing the product is $30.

    a. Determine your optimal markups and prices under third-degree price discrimination.

    Markup for group 1:
    Price for group 1: $

    Markup for group 2:
    Price for group 2: $

    b. Which of the following are necessary conditions for third-degree price discrimination to enhance profits.

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    There are two different groups with different (and identifiable) elasticities of demand.

    We are able to prevent resale between the groups.

    At least one group has elasticity of demand greater than 1 in absolute value.

    At least one group has elasticity of demand less than one in absolute value.

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