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Calculating the Marginal Product of Labor

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Emily draws cartoons that she sells to her classmates. Her average product of labor is five cartoons per hour if she works for one hour, four per hour, if she works for two hours, three per hour if she works for 3 hours, and two and a half per hour if she works for four hours. What is her marginal product of labor at one, two, three, and four hours of work?

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Her total output is her average output times the number of hours that she works. Her Marginal Product of Labor (MPL) is the additional total output that she ...

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Given figures for a cartoonist's average output, this solution shows how to calculate her Marginal Product of Labor (MPL).

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Calculating Marginal Product of Labor

Number of Workers Output
0 0
1 50
2 110
3 300
4 450
5 590
6 665
7 700
8 725
9 710
10 705

The table show the weekly relationship between output and number of workers for a factory with a fixed size of plant. Find:

a. Calculate the marginal product of labor
b. At what point does diminishing returns set in
c. Calculate the average product of labor

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