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Gross private domestic investment

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Classify the various categories of 'gross private domestic investment'.

Explain what is meant by each briefly. (The Prof. said, " I am not referring to 'net investment' and 'depreciation' when I say various categories.)

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Gross Private Domestic Investment refers to the total amount of investment spending by businesses and firms located within the borders of a nation, or defined as expenditures on capital goods to be used for productive activities in the domestic economy that are undertaken by the business sector during a given time period. It includes both the values of the purchases of non-residential fixed investment, which include capital goods used for production, and the values of the purchases of residential fixed investment, which include construction spending for factories or offices. Gross private domestic investment tends to be the least stable ...

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The solution does a superb job of explaining the several categories of gross private domestic investment. The solution talks about fixed investment and changes in business inventories. The response is very detailed and well explained and ideal for students who want to strengthen their understanding of private domestic investment. Overall, an excellent response to the question asked.

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Findng the Gross Private Domestic Investment

Personal consumption expenditures $ 2,100 billion
Gross private domestic investment $ 500 billion
Government purchases of goods and services $ 700 billion
Exports $ 450 billion
Imports $ 500 billion
Indirect business taxes $ 300 billion
Net private domestic investment $ 150 billion

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