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    PPT on pegged currencies and Asian crisis

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    I want to present this topic within 10 min. on a power point presentation (maximum 7 slides) and please do a page with key points.

    Ideas and suggestions please?

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    1. The Fixed Rate System has governments buying and selling currency reserves when exchange rates differ from stated par values. Pure fixed systems are rare. Current examples: Cuba, North Korea, Malaysia.

    2. The Crawling Peg System has governments managing exchange rates within a percentage range from par. A peg can be made to other currencies (like a dollar) or to market baskets of currencies.

    3. The Target Zone Arrangement, is a managed multilateral float system arranged by nations (like the G7) who have common interests and goals. The European Monetary System is an example of this. This is managed by the European Central Bank.
    4. The Managed Float System, known as ...

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    This explains the relationship between the South East Asian financial crisis and pegged currencies.