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Unemployment and the Current Rate of Inflation

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What is the current rate of unemployment and the current rate of inflation? Make sure you provide the source of your information. What is the president doing to help us in our current economic crisis? Do you agree/disagree with his proposals? Why?

Check out this website:
What are your impressions of his proposals?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rat as of December 2012 was 7.8%.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, $1.00 in 2011 is now the equivalent of $1.02, suggesting an annual inflation rate of 2%.

The President has a number of initiatives, including:

* the new healthcare initiative
* the plan to tax higher earners (over $450K for married couples, and over $400K for single) at a higher rate
* the plan to reduce taxation for middle class earners which will apply to approximately 160 million earners, representing an average of an additional $40 per pay check
* launch programs to increase employment of veterans
* launch programs to eliminate the capital gains taxes on small business investments
* called on Congress to unlock more funds for start up capital of new business ventures
* launched $1 billion early stage innovation initiative connecting mentors to start up companies employing innovative technologies
* launched ...

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This report is a summary of government initiatives currently being employed to combat the high unemployment rate, as well as increase revenue unrelated to increasing the tax base. It provides an over view into what may be possible, instead of the notion of what is not working today.

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