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    Types of Goods,Supply and Demand, Price Ceiling

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    1. A ------------ ----------- is a legal maximum price above which a commodity cannot be sold.

    2. Cars and gasoline are a good example of-----------(complements, inferior goods, substitutes)

    3. The law of ---------- states that the quantity demanded is inversely to price.

    4. If the demand for a good falls when income increases, the good is call a(n) ------------- good

    5. The supply curves slopes ---------- because, all else equal, a higher price means a greater quantity supplied.

    6. At the ----------- price, quantity demanded is equal to quantity supplied.

    7. In a market, the price of any good adjusts until ---------- ------------ equals quantity supplied.

    8. A shortage will occur at a price ----------- equilibrium and a surplus will occur at any price ---------- equilibrium.

    9. A reduction in an input price will cause a change in quantity ------------, but not a change in --------------

    10. If a price ceiling is below the equilibrium price, the quantity ----------- will exceed the quantity ------------.

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