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Payoff Matrix - Nash Equilibria

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I do not understand this problem. Can you please help me?

In the following payoff matrix, Player A announces that she will cooperate.
Player B
Defect Cooperate
A: -1 A: 0.5
B:2 B:1
Player A
A:0 A:1
Defect B:0.5 B: -1

a. How is this likely to change the outcome?

b. What does your answer to a suggest about the value of cheap talk?

c. How could Player A maker her pronouncement believable?

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I hope you are doing well. Please see my response below. I have done my best to answer your question to the best of my ability. I hope you find the response excellent. Thanks and good luck.

a. B's dominant strategy is to Defect as the payout for that is more than the payout for the respective payouts to Cooperate. A's dominant strategy is to defect as well as ...