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Dividend Yield

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Shares of Darwin, Inc. sell for $20 per share. 40% of earnings are paid in dividends. What is the dividend yield? Earnings are $100,000, and there are 10,000 shares of stock outstanding.

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Dividend yield, capital gains yield of stocks

Consider four different stocks,all of which have a required return of 18 percent and a most recent dividend of $4.50 per share. Stocks W, X, and Y are expected to maintain constant growth rates in dividends for the foreseeable future of 10 percent, 0 percent, and -5 percent per year, respectively. Stock Z is a growth stock that will increase its dividend by 20 percent for the next two years and then maintain a constant 12 percent growth rate thereafter. What is the dividend yield for each of these four stock? What is the expected capital gains yield? Discuss the relationship among the various return that you find for each of these stocks.

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