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Average collection period

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MICROLIMP'S account receiveables total $4,000,000 on annual sales of $400 million. What is the companys average collection period?

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Average collection period, is the ratio of accounts receivables to ...

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Average collection period is defined.

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Receivables Turnover/Average Collection Period

Below is the problem and attached is the table.

The president of Ferman Enterprise Ltd., Angela Ferman, is considering the impact that certain transactions will have on the company's receivable turnover and average collection period ratios. Prior to the following transaction, Ferman's receivables turnover was 6 times, and its average collection period was 61 days.

A. Complete the table (see attachment), indicating whether each transaction will increase (I), decrease (D), or have no effect (NE) on the ratios.
B. Angela was reading through the financial statements of some publicly traded companies and noticed that they had recorded a loss on sale of receivables. She would like you to explain why companies sell their receivables.

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