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    Working with consumption, multipliers, saving and planned investment expenditure.

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    Definitions: c=level of consumer spending
    y=level of income
    s=level of savings

    If C=40+ .5Y

    a. Find the level of consumer spending and the level of savings for the following levels of income: 100, 200, and 300.

    b. What will be the equilibrium level of income when planned investment expenditure is equal to 60?

    c. What is the value of the multiplier?

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    a) Since C = 40+ 0.5Y, Saving = Income - Consumption = Y - C and s = S/Y
    When Y = 100, C = 40+ .5*100 = 90 and S = 100 - 90 = 10, so s = 10/100 = ...

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