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Elasticity of Baseball Ticket Sales

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A baseball team is trying to predict ticket sales for the upcoming season. They are also considering increasing prices.

aâ?"the elasticity of ticket sales with respect to the size of the population is estimated to about 0.7.

iâ?"briefly explain what this number means?

iiâ?"If the local population increases from 60,000 to 61,500 what does this mean for ticket sales?

bâ?"currently the ticket price is $10. The price elasticity of demand for tickets is -0.60. Compute the
predicted change in tickets sold if the price were raised to $11. Also what is the expected change in total revenue?

câ?"The typical fan also consumer $8 worth of refreshments at a game. Would raising ticket prices to
$11 increase or decrease overall total revenue (ticket revenue and refreshment revenue)? How much would it go up or down?

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i) This means that when population goes up by x%, the number of ticket sales will increase by 0.7x% (x can be any number)

ii) The population went up by 2.5%, so the ticket sales will go up by 0.7 of that, which is 1.75%

b) Price elasticity of demand is -0.6 means that if the ticket price goes up by ...