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articles about price elasticity in the home building industry

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Need to find an articles about price elasticity in the home building industry? What is the price elasticity? Is it elastic or inelastic?

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Articles about price elasticity in the home building industry are provided.

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Home Building Industry

The last few weeks has been really rough for me and I have fallen behind in class. I need to prepare a paper on an industry affected by the economy, and I have chosen the home building industry. Unfortunately, the paper is due tonight. I will reword the essay and cite from here also.

The following needs to be included with the final paper:

Include at least eight sources, two for each topic.

Research the industry's price elasticity of supply and demand.
Research any negative or positive externalities the industry produces.
Research how wage inequality is measured and if it is present in the industry.
Research monetary and/or fiscal policies that have affected the industry.

Include the APA-formatted references and a summary of the major points in the articles or Web sites.

Thank you all for helping me. It is greatly appreciated.

ps: I am willing to up the credits to 15.

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