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    Outlook of the Economy

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    Based on the following economic indicators, I have to determine the outlook of this fictitious economy. Although I know what these indicators mean, I am not certain that I can predict the outlook of the economy. Can you help?

    Average Weekly Unemployment Claims: 403,000 Declining
    Manufacturer's New Orders: 520,999 Increasing
    NEA Private Housing Starts: 1,649 Declining
    S & P 500 Stock Market Index: 879.5 Declining
    Consumer Expectations Index: 94.5 Declining

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    Average Weekly Unemployment Claims: 403,000 Declining

    It means that unemployment is reducing which is an indictaor that economy is recovering.

    Manufacturer's New Orders: 520,999 ...

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    This solution shows how to determine the outlook of a given, fictitious economy.