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Market equilibrium price/output combination

Dozens of Internet Web sites offer quality auto parts for the replacement market. Their appeal is obvious. Price-conscious shoppers can often obtain up to 80 percent discounts from the prices charged by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for such standard items as wiper blades, air filters, oil filters, and so on. With a large selection offered by dozens of online merchants, the market for standard replacement parts is vigorously competitive. Assume that market demand and supply conditions for windshield wiper blades can be described by the following relations:
QD = 100 - 10P
QS = 15P
where Q is millions of replacement wiper blades and P is price per unit.
A. Question: Graph the market demand and supply curves.
(Need help with the graph.)

B. Question: Determine the market equilibrium price/output combination both graphically and algebraically.
Answer: P = $4,000, QD = QS = 60
(Just need help with the graph)

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Market equilibrium price/output combination is considered.