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Econometrics - Derive the equation for the demand curve

Air California is a regional airline providing service between Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas Nevada. An analysis of the monthly demand for service has revealed the following demand relation:

Q = 45,000 - 250P - 300PC + 250BAI + 10,000S

Where Q is quantity measured by the number of passengers per month, P is the price ($), PC is a price index for connecting flights (1982 = 100), BAI is a business activity index (1982 = 100) and S, a binary or dummy variable, equals 1 in summer months, zero otherwise.

Derive the equation for the demand curve facing the airline during the winter month of January if P = $100, PC = 150, BAI = 200, and S+0 (Price should be expressed as a function of quantity.)

I would like to know what steps to take in order to get the equation expressed as a function quantity.

I would also need to know the steps to the revenue for the company for the month of July..

Please provide any reference that will be helpful.

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