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    Calculating the equilibrium parameters

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    Initial demand for bottled water in a country is : QD0=300-200p. The supply of bottled water id : Qs=-100+600p. Q is in gallons per day, and p is dollars per gallon.

    A hurricane hits and demand for bottled water increases to QD'=500-200p.
    Which policy is in the best interest of consumers as a group

    1. Setting a price ceiling at the old equilibrium price or
    2. Allowing the price to rise to a new equilibrium?

    Show your work.

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    Let us first calculate initial equilibrium price and quantity. Put QD0=Qs

    Qs=-100+600*0.5=200 gallons per day
    QD0=300-200*0.5=200 gallons per day

    Initial equilibrium price is $0.5 per gallon and equilibrium quantity is 200 gallons per day.

    In the new situation, let us calculate new ...

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    The solution describes the steps to calculate equilibrium parameters in old and changed scenario.