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    Access Demand for Apartments and Profit Maximizing Price

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    1. Recent increases in rents has lead the citizens of Elmville to vote in a rent ceiling of $1200. Assuming all rental units in Elmville are identical and the supply and demand for rental units are given by
    Qs = -1000 + 20P
    Qd = 50000 - 10P
    What will be the excess demand for apartments once the price ceiling is implemented?

    2. Joe's Barber Shop has a daily total cost function of
    TC = 100+ 4Q + Q^2
    and the daily demand for his services is
    Q = 50 - 2P
    What is the profit maximizing price that Joe should charge for his services?

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    1. Let us first find equilibrium rent.
    Put Qd=Qs

    Rent ceiling of $1200 is definitely below the equilibrium rent ...

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    There are two problems. Solution to first problem calculates the excess demand if price ceiling is implemented. Solution to second problem calculates profit maximum price level.