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    Expenditures - Movement of indicators

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    Below is a list of answers that showed some activites that I've done in one day. I wanted to show what the answers were and the economic indicators that went with it.

    I intern have a question to follow up after these results.

    Were the expendintures large enough to cause any movement in the indicators? By that I mean, if you took the total of all expenditures in just one indicator, was the expenditure large enough to be noticeable and cause movement?

    For each of the five (5) activities you listed , explain the impact, if any, each activity had upon any of the Economic Indicators.

    1. Searched the web for new home telephone service

    1. Internet, which is spending on internet subscription (added to GDP)

    2. Contacted my loan officer in regards to "homestead exemptions"
    2. Homestead exemptions is an economic activity in the sense it is a form of tax exemption aimed at reducing tax liability of a particular segment and spur up economic activity.

    3. Took on an extra assignment at the job ( add to my performance review)
    3. Extra assignment means extra services rendered in the economy which (adds to the GDP)

    4. Drove my car to work/ picked up my son from school

    4. Driving the car means increase in spending which is an (element of GDP.)

    5. Paid my power bill
    5. Spending on power bill also means increased consumption payment of service (part of GDP)

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    Expenditures - Movement of indicators