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    Product Costing and C-V-P Analysis

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    Product Costing and C-V-P Analysis
    Wakefield, Inc., offers a CPA review course in cities throughout the eastern United States. Wakefield hires local CPAs to do the teaching. Each instructor is paid $120 an hour to teach the course; a course consists of 12 weeks of instruction with sessions taking place four evenings a week for two hours at each session. The other instruction costs to Wakefield are to pay for hotel conference rooms to host the course. Generally, Wakefield pays the hotel $625 per evening to rent a conference room. Also, tuition for the course includes all course materials, which cost the company $180 for each student.

    1. What is the product cost of providing one evening of instruction for all students?

    2. What is the product cost of training a student over the entire course (there are 75 students in this particular course)?

    3. Assuming that Wakefield charges each student $1,200 for the course, how many students would be required to break even on this course?

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