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    Paycheck in the Eyes of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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    You are the owner of a family-owned restaurant. Why might you not pay yourself a salary or an hourly wage?

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    It is not uncommon for owners of small businesses in the United States or in other countries not to receive monthly paychecks. These entrepreneurs believe that it is better to have a good credit standing in banks by paying promptly loan amortizations than receiving regular salaries. Owners of businesses find contentment in making their businesses as solvent as possible without enriching themselves. Sustainable business operations take precedence over receiving a salary. Substantial income would come in later. This is a reality when starting the business. The outlook should be forward looking and aiming for ...

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    The solution discusses why some business owners would do business without remuneration as opposed to employees who are dependent on paychecks. It was found out that business owners and entrepreneurs would sacrifice their paycheck for sake of business survival. Two references are provided.