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General Agreement: Tariffs & Trade & World Trade Organization


The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade or GATT was created in 1947 and provides the basis for most multilateral trade negotiations for reducing trade barriers. Since 1947, GATT has provided the rules for international trade and a forum for international trade disputes. In 1994, a new trade agreement was reached, known as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. This created a new GATT trade agreement, which enhanced the role of international law in regulating trade and created the World Trade Organization (WTO).

For each type of international carrier explain the liability each international carriers face and possible ways to
negate or eliminate the liability they face:

- Air carriers
- Sea carriers
- Land carriers
- Ocean intermediaries

I need to understand the concept so it be great if for each carrier is describe in somewhat detail (200-300word per carrier) and if you can list reference it help me understand where you are coming from.

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NOTE: Our agreement was for 250 words. Specific discussions for each carrier is impossible. The best approach is to present general liabilities for all of the above entities.

The general rules of the new General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade are applicable to all carriers, whether by sea, air or land, and even to ocean intermediaries. To summarize, carriers are liable whenever goods are delivered in a condition not consistent with what was ...

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