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SWOT of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

As our external marketing consultant, you are expected to present your detailed marketing analysis and marketing suggestions (inclusive your innovative and complete marketing plan for our Rhodesian Ridgebacks venture), which will make us successful in the next years to come.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback. Inc. is a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding firm started in 2006. It sells the best quality of Rhodesian Ridgeback pups bred and sold in Belgium. It provides after sales online care and support to its customers. Its market area is Brussels, Aatselaar, Antwerp, Brecht, Westerio and Wijnegem.

For the pet quality puppies, our clients typically are in the Euro 50,000 and above income level, or if they are superannuated, they have assets of Euro 150,000 and more. For, the show quality Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, the target customers are professional pet aficionados or collectors.

With the exception of dogs that were bred to relatives, there is no danger with the quality of the breeds. The quality of Rhodesian Ridgeback breeds is consistently good.

Competition for our immediate market is a group of breeders that breed the Belgian shepherd dogs, the German shepherd dogs and the collie. Only one group Pets Warehouse is currently interested in actively marketing its dogs and its focus is on Belgian Tervuren.

Rhodesian Ridgeback. Inc has a strong potential in the Belgian Rhodesian Ridgeback market.


Threats and Opportunities:

Three AKC Belgian shepherding dogs have similar character as family dogs. Malinois, Belgian sheepdog, Tervuren and Laekenos. These dogs are completely devoted to family and pose a competition to Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They however, need to be accustomed to family pets, small animals and children. Belgians use these dogs as home pets and may be reluctant to change over to a foreign breed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback are show dogs and their performance in the shows is most important to establish them as excellent pets. However, in the shows the performance of Rhodesian Ridgeback. Inc will be dependent on the performance of Kenzo, his obedience, health and charm. If his health is indifferent on any one or more show days, it can spell disaster for the farm. The competitors on the other hand have several show quality animals and they will not be dependent on the health of one prime adult dog.


The Belgian shepherd dogs have problems of health, like hip dysplasia, eye problems, thyroid conditions, cancer and skin problems. In addition, there is a fear of Willibrand's Disease, that is bleeding disease and a seizure disease. The relative healthy record of the hardy Rhodesian Ridgeback will go a long way in establishing it ...

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