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Success and Survival of Nonprofits

Find 4 peer reviewed journal articles that discuss the the keys to success and survival of nonprofits. Each article must be broken down with a short summary. Then write down pertinent quotes/info (at least 2 per source) and put it in blurbs (later this information will be added to a power point slide show).

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Accountability as a Managerial Tool in Non-Profit Organizations: Evidence from Italian CSVs.
Costa, Ericka, Ramus, Tommaso, Andreaus, Michele Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary & Nonprofit Organizations; Sep2011, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p470-493, 24p

While this article is specific in analyzing an organization in Italy, it makes some excellent points about non-profit organizations (NPO). The organization in today's markets has to meet expectations of responsibility, including social responsibility. Most organizations are responsible to stakeholders for their information and success. This is not completely true for NPO's.

NPO's serve specific populations. Their focus is on the group or groups they serve. The aspect of social responsibility is part of their internal and external functions. So the organization must be accountable to remain successful. For donations and support it has to file reports to various audiences and those can include government agencies and sponsors.

Without accountability from management, the loss of support can occur at any time. Filing of appropriate paperwork is imperative and that paperwork must account for the financial aspects of the organization as well and the actions and behaviors of the organization. To be successful, the organization must create reporting methods and put the reports in the right hands at the right time.

Accountability can be defined as "the duty to provide an account (by no means necessarily financial) or reckoning of those action for which one is held responsible" accountability involves a promise to perform and a moralor legal responsibility to provide an account for it. (474,475)

"While in for-profit enterprises the economic bottom line and the organizational mission align, in NPOs there are at least two different bottom lines; the first regards the economic dimension of the activity, while the second is related to the social ...

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