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Competition, Forms of Pay, and Location of Development

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Software engineers directly effect the success of many start-up companies. Suppose you are facing a clean slate: A group of investor is about to create a new start- up, a specialty software company based in Laramie, Wyoming. These investors have hired you to help them determine the marketing manager's pay. What would you advise? Consider the information in Exhibits 7.3, Exhibits 7.4, and Exhibit 7.14 in making your recommendation.

1. What policy regarding external competitiveness would you advise? List the options and the pros and cons of each policy option offer the rational for your recommendation.
2. What forms of pay and in what percentages would you recommend? Again, offer your relations.
3. Consider the theories and research presented in this chapter. Which ones did you use to support your recommendation?
4. List three pieces of additional information you would like to have to refine your recommendation. Explain how this information would help you.
5. Finally, would you physically locate all the actual software development in Laramie? What, if any, other options would you consider?


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The Pay Package of the Marketing Manager:

The marketing of the functions, products and the services of the organization leads to the boosting of the operations of the company. The individual in position undertaking that responsibility is known as the marketing manager. It is important for the organization to compensate these individuals relevant to the tasks that they perform for the organization. It is crucial for the organization to know that the level pay of the employees determines their overall performance. It is evident that the pay will be dependent on the level of function the marketing manager operates in. The determining of what the marketing manager of this organization will earn is based upon different reasons. This is to ascertain that the pay that is determined will not be exorbitant or less than what is expected. Through a great pay package, the employer is not only guaranteed of good work from the employee but high employee retention levels in the organization (Compensation Administration, 2011).

The Policy Regarding External Competitiveness:

External competitiveness is the term that is used to refer to those pay relationships that exist among varied competing organizations. It is also known as the pay of a corporation that is relative to the competitor's pay. The organization should ascertain that the pay of the marketing manager is externally competitive. This is because pay level decisions that are made by the organization have great impact on the ...

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