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    Arc Elasticities of Demand

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    1. The arc price elasticity of demand for round-trip airline tickets from Houston to San Angelo is -2.5 between the new price of $765 per ticket and the original price.
    Before the price change took effect San Angelo Transcontinent Airways (STA) sold 840 round-trip tickets per month and now, at the new price, it is selling 798 tickets per month.
    Please find the original price?

    2. The Current Arc cross elasticity of demand between New York to San Angelo and New York to Hawthorn round-trip airline tickets is -2.3989. With the New York to San Angelo flight priced at $640, STA sold 1,800 New York to Hawthorn tickets per month. How many Monthly New York - Hawthorn tickets can STA expect to sell at the new price of $577.60 per New York - San Angelo flight? Are New York to San Angelo and New Yor to Hawthorn tickets complimentary substitute products?

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    1. Given
    We know that
    Ep = ((Q2-Q1)*(P1+P2)/((Q2+Q1)*(P2-P1))
    -2.5 = ((798-840)*(765+P1))/((798+840)*(765-P1))
    -2.5 = ...

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