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Stock Splits and Stock Dividends for Roll Corporation

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Stock splits and stock dividends.

Roll Corporation (RC) currently has 260,000 shares of stock outstanding that sell for $78 per share. Assuming no market imperfections or tax effects exist, what will the share price be after:

a. RC has five-for-three stock split?
b. RC has a 15% stock dividend?
c. RC has a 42.5 percent stock dividend?
d. RC has a four-for-seven reverse stock split?

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The solution computes share price under various stock spilt, stock dividend scenarios.

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Whenever there is stock split or stock dividend issued the share price changes proportionately with no. of increase or decrease in outstanding shares.

(a) Here company is issuing 5 shares for every 3 shares held. What we should know here is ...

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