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    Dividends, Splits, & Reverse Splits

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    Research Web sites that contain examples of stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits. Yahoo Finance at http://finance.yahoo.com is a good starting point for locating these Web sites.

    Write a response on your findings. Include the Following:

    o A description of the Web site examples you found, including the location (URLs) of the Web sites.

    o Definitions of stock dividends, stock splits, reverse splits, and effects on per share calculations.

    o A discussion about the reasons for stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits.

    o An explanation of how stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits affect the firm and the investor.

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    Yahoo Finance supplied several examples of stock splits, including reverse splits, and stock price effects of dividends.

    Stock dividends are payments made from a firm to shareholders during times of financial prosperity. When the firm has realized generous profits during a fiscal term, it may elect to make payments to shareholders representing return on investment. Dividends typically have the theoretical effect of increasing a share's value as an investor will relate an investment in a firm paying a regular dividend with receiving a return on investment payment.

    Stock splits occur typically during times of increasing share prices ...

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    The solution defines, justifies, and explains the effects of dividends, stock splits, and reverse stock splits.